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We’re redefining success, starting with ourselves

At Thrive, we know that employee well-being isn’t a benefit, it’s a strategy for success. That’s why everything we do is built on the belief that we do better work when we take better care of ourselves.


We empower ourselves and others to disagree, surface problems, and advocate for change — in real time. Our culture of compassionately direct feedback allows employees and the company to course-correct, grow, and evolve.


We move quickly because the world moves quickly and the daily cost of burnout is high. We’re passionate about taking action, iterating, and celebrating small wins that add up to big successes over time.


Our people’s mental health and well-being is at the center of everything we do. We relentlessly prioritize, unplug, and recharge, because when we take care of ourselves and each other, we can have the greatest impact. Instead of “powering through” challenges, which leads to burnout, we are transparent and forthcoming with our teams so we can get support and course-correct in real time.

Compassionate Directness

We continuously seek and share feedback, always with compassion. That’s how we grow, evolve, and overcome challenges together.


As we chase big goals and hold ourselves to the highest standards, we find the joy in what we do. We express gratitude for our opportunities and for each other. Joy fuels our productivity and connects us to a larger purpose.

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Benefits That Go Beyond

Our benefits program offers all the things you’d expect — like competitive medical, dental, and vision coverage, stock options, 401k contribution match, and paid time off — plus some unique benefits we’ve added to help you truly thrive.

Thrive Time

Thrive Time is paid time off – separate from vacation time – to recharge after a period of intense work. Our managers encourage our teams to use this unique benefit whenever they need it.

Giving & Volunteering

Giving doesn’t just benefit the recipient – it’s also one of the most powerful forms of self-care. So we offer paid time off to volunteer, provide a membership to the volunteering platform Goodera, and match employee donations to causes they’re passionate about.

Flexible Holidays

Our flexible approach to time off lets you take time off when it’s most meaningful to you. We offer 9 paid company holidays, but you can also decide to work on a holiday and take paid time off on another day of your choosing.

Well-being and Fitness

In addition to Thrive’s suite of products, Thrive employees have access to a range of wellness services including Headspace, Gympass, and Perkspot.

Where we work

At Thrive, we’re helping shape a hybrid world of work where people can have an impact and find fulfillment whether they’re in an office or working from home.

Flexibility First

We’ve designed our work experience to support a growing distributed workforce, encouraging Thrivers to work however they feel they can be at their best. Many work primarily from home, with offices in talent hubs that provide the opportunity to collaborate in person when needed. We believe that where you work isn't as important as how you work, and we are proactive about building social capital and authentic connection among our team in a world of hybrid work.

A home office desk with plants and books.

Talent Hubs

Our talent strategy is simple: we hire top talent anywhere in the world, as long as they're driven by our mission to end the stress and burnout epidemic. We have talent hubs with concentrated groups of employees, dedicated office space and regular social gatherings in a growing number of cities around the world, including: New York, Boston, San Francisco, Dublin.

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